‌In 2010 the American Studies advanced seminar, "The Globalization of American Culture," launched a new book review project aimed to keep students, faculty and alumni up to date with new works in the field of American Studies.

Orange is the New Black cover image

Each student reads a recently published book in American Studies or a related discipline and writes an essay commenting on its overall contribution to the field, its use of interdisciplinary methodology, and its potential use in other courses at Connecticut College.

In some cases, students contact the author and include the author's insights in their reviews.

The 2014 seminar students highly recommend reading "Orange is the New Black" by Piper Kerman. Reviewer Catherine Campbell notes the variation between the popular Netflix television show and Kerman’s original work, in which she intended to break down the common misperceptions of prisoners and the prison system. "The relationship between literature, television, and technology, all of which come to play in 'Orange is the New Black,' are significant within the American Studies discipline, and within our globalizing world."

Select from the list below the books and the authors from 2010-2014. Enjoy them! We encourage reader feedback. Write to Professor Stock at cmsto@conncoll.edu with comments or suggestions.

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