Interdisciplinary studies are a hallmark of Connecticut College and, as an American studies major, you'll be able to work with the College's newest center for interdisciplinary scholarship, the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity. Opened in 2005, CCSRE became a connecting point for all of the College's resources for researching and teaching race and ethnicity.

The American studies major is also affiliated with Unity House, the college's multicultural center and the Multiculturalism and Diversity Committee, a student-led campus group that examines how race shapes the educational experience both socially and intellectually.

The American studies program by its very nature is interdisciplinary as a major or minor with concentrations in:

  • Historical and comparative studies
  • Expressive arts and cultural studies
  • Politics, society and policy
  • Examining race and ethnicity outside the United States

Students in the American studies program may also earn a certificate from one of the College's innovative interdisciplinary centers. Requirements for the certificate programs include a challenging combination of course work, in-depth research and a funded summer internship in the U.S. or abroad.