Students electing a film studies major will draw upon the interdisciplinary variety that characterizes the study of moving images - combining theory, criticism, history, and practice in developing the ability to think in filmic terms, and gain an understanding of how film functions as both an art and a social force. For a full list of courses, please consult the course catalog.

Here, a sampling of film studies courses:

  • Introduction to Film Study: How to Read a Film
  • History of Russian & Soviet Film
  • Changing the Image:Black Cinema
  • Fundamentals of Motion Picture Production
  • Documentary Theory and Production
  • Urban Space in the Cinema
  • "Masala-Popcorn":Bollywood
  • Screenwriting
  • Animation

Different departments at Connecticut College regularly add new courses that fall under the different categories of requirements for the film studies program, sometimes on a one-time basis. Students should consult with the film studies faculty to determine whether a particular course offering in another department may count for the film studies major or minor.