Film Studies at Connecticut College believes in fostering strong philosophical and practical relationships between theory and practice. A student majoring in Film Studies will take a minimum of two production courses, and three additional electives in the major give the option to explore production in balance with the studies and theory courses.

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The following is a list of our regularly-offered production courses. New production courses are added frequently and will be posted to the course catalog. Our introduction to production courses are:

FLM 210: Fundamentals of Motion Picture Production
FLM 220: Documentary Theory and Production
FLM 238: Screenwriting

Our intermediate production courses are:
FLM 310: Representation and Ideology in Motion Picture Production
FLM 320: Experimental Film: History and Practice
FLM 393, 394: Individual Study in Motion Picture Production

Our advanced production courses are: FLM 410: Advanced Production Workshop
FLM 491, 492: Individual Study
FLM 497-498: Honors Study

Students create all of their production assignments as individuals or in small teams. In contrast to the specialized division of labor of the professional-style crew system used in production courses at other schools, we want all of our students to experience all elements of the creative process in creating their course projects. Upper level production courses like FLM 310 and 410 encourage students to use larger crews from classmates inside and out of class.

With the exception of Screenwriting, our production courses provide students the opportunities to write, direct, shoot and edit their own films. We use the term "film" not to designate a particular technology, but a particular category of creative practice. Almost all of our courses use digital technology, but some of our courses, such as Experimental Film, provide students the experience of shooting 16mm film.

Students have 24/7 access to our postproduction editing lab that is equipped with the Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro as well as our production room, one of the best seminar rooms on campus. In addition to the HD camera kits and professional tripods, students enrolled in advanced production courses have access to an array of professional cinema lights, a crane, a dolly with optional track, camera stabilizers like the DJI Ronin and the Glidecams, advanced audio kits and 16mm film cameras. With each semester, our equipment and facilities grow and are upgraded.

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