Field Schools

The most meaningful instruction emerges when students participate in fieldwork pursued within an active research program, are guaranteed one-on-one time with instructors, and have confidence that pedagogy is a priority. To this end, we encourage our students to participate in academically rigorous social science field schools, such as those offered by the Institute for Field Research (IFR).

In our experience, field schools are life-changing events for students. They combine close work with faculty pursuing research-based, embodied learning in a natural setting beyond the classroom. Students usually spend 5-6 weeks in the field – frequently in remote locations – where they are immersed in an active research program and a community that is often vastly different than their own. Although traditionally the domain of archaeology, field schools in ethnography and conservation are increasingly popular. For students pursuing careers in archaeological anthropology or another field-based science, field schools are the most intensive of internships. 

Connecticut College is an academic partner and the school of record for field schools hosted by the Institute for Field Research (IFR), an independent, nonprofit organization created by a group of leading academic archaeologists for the purpose of providing the highest quality of field-based research programs around the world. Each field school confers 8 credit units (12 quarter units) of academic credit by Connecticut College and satisfies two 200- or 300-level courses - including the methods-intensive requirement - for the major in Anthropology.

IFR Field Programs Offered for Connecticut College Credit in 2013 and 2014

  • ARCH 200A Undocumented Migration Project 
  • ARCH 230A Ethnohistorical Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 215A Chincha Valley Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 215B Huari Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 215C Moqi Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 215D Taraco Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 215E Vitor Valley Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 215F Teyuna-Ciudad Perdida Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 245A Greco-Roman Fayum Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 245B Spitzkloof Rockshelter B Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 245C Olduvai Gorge Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 250A Tel Bet Yerah Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 250B Boncuklu Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 250C Heritage, Documentation and Conservation at the City of the Dead, Egypt
  • ARCH 265A Oakington Community Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 265B Penycloddiau Hillfort Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 265C BlackFriary Community Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 265D Spike Island Prison Archaeology Project (two sessions)
  • ARCH 265E Cova Gran Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 265F Parne Siddi Landscape Archaeology Project
  • ARCH 280A Yangguanzhai Neolithic Archaeology Project

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