We strongly encourage anthropology majors and minors to enrich their growing anthropological knowledge by participating in study abroad and internship programs. Within the last two years former and current students have completed semester-long academic programs in Australia, Brazil, China, Greece, Denmark, England, Germany, Ireland, Israel, India, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Syria, and Vietnam, among others.

Other anthropology majors have completed internships across the United States and working on salient issues such as food security, organic farming, museum outreach and education, and heritage management. Still others have applied anthropological perspectives and methods to internships in Argentina, Ecuador, France, Ghana, Malawi, Morocco, New Caledonia, and Switzerland.

We also encourage our students to pursue research-intensive field programs in anthropology, such as the archaeological field schools offered by the Institute for Field Research (IFR). The IFR offers academically challenging, culturally-immersive experiences that cover the depth and breadth of the human experience. Recent programs range from early hominins at Olduvai (Tanzania) to historical archaeology at Ifugao (Philippines), and from the Neolithic period at Yangguanzhai (China) to the excavation of unmarked burials in San Bernardino (California). Connecticut College is the school of record for IFR offerings, and students participating in these intensive summer programs earn 8 credit units that can be applied to the major and satisfy the requirement for a methods-intensive offering.