Andrew McCullough '05 completed standardized surveys of birds along powerline corridors during the summer. The study is assessing the importance of the low vegetation along powerlines as nesting habitat for several declining species. The results of this study will be directly applicable to improving conservation along powerline corridors, providing data on what types of vegetation management are likely to enhance biological diversity. These same management recommendations also could apply to nature preserves and other conservation lands that are being restored for grassland and shrubland species. Faculty Adviser: Robert Askins

Emily Elliott '05, was a technician in the lab is working in the lab before she headed off to UCSF for the Ph.D. program. Emily worked with a high school student Chelsea Blackmon-Smith to determine the location of cdk6 in live cells. To do this, they used a tagged version of cdk6 that has a fluorescent blue protein attached to the cdk6 protein. Wherever cdk6 was in the cell, the cell will "glow" blue. This allowed them to see both the localization of cdk6 in live cells and to observe any movement of the protein within the cell as it traverses the cell cycle. Faculty Adviser: Martha Grossel