Computer Science lends itself very naturally to interdisciplinary study and derives much of its strength from interesting applications in related fields.

Many of our Computer Science students double major in such disciplines as mathematics, art, music and technology, economics and film studies. Many of them are also certificate students in the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, which requires them to take courses in Computer Science.

Our faculty are also strong proponents of interdisciplinary study. Two faculty members, Bridget Baird and Ozgur Izmirli, are fellows in the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology and their research areas are in music and sound synthesis, virtual reality and 3D worlds and visualization of sound. One faculty member works with faculty in the psychology department conducting virtual reality way-finding experiments. Another has strong interests in cognitive science, biology and bioinformatics.

The learning objectives for our students emphasize understanding and engaging in the way in which Computer Science has integral ties to the other liberal arts. Much of the coursework also reflects cross-disciplinary connections:

  • The introductory course emphasizes applications and problem solving in linguistics, biology, psychology, art, music, economics and other areas
  • Advanced courses and summer internships develop software for organizations offering humanitarian aid, the Humanitarian FOSS project.
  • Another advanced course is in bioinformatics.
  • There are courses in computers and music.
  • Several faculty members team-teach with faculty from other disciplines cross-listed courses in music and computer science and in art and computer science.