Education Department Facebook Page

To keep current on Education Department happenings, please check out our Facebook page.

Education Department Open House

An education department open house reception takes place early in the semester to introduce students to the education faculty and the teacher certification program. Announcements of the open house will appear annually on the Online Calendar of Events, and through flyers and posters. For information, please contact the education department office.

Education Department Sponsored Events

The Education Department often sponsors and co-sponsors education-related events on campus. We announce these on our Facebook page. They are also often included among the broader list of cultural and academic events on the Online Calendar of Events, almost all of which are open to the public.

Annual Portfolio Fair

The Annual Portfolio Fair is held in May. The journey from college student to student teacher to certified teacher is an exhilarating, rewarding, and exhausting one. It is impossible to complete the student teaching semester without significant changes in attitude, skills, and self-knowledge. To aid personal reflection on these changes, every student teacher creates a teaching portfolio as a chronicle of their semester's journey.

Personal journal entries, emailed reflections, lesson plans, curriculum notes, observations of interactions with students, videotapes of teaching, photographs of classroom activities, and student work all become part of a thoughtfully curated pictorial and textual account of the teacher that each college student has become. Often newly certified teachers use the portfolios they create as they interview for post-graduate employment. Some also choose to continue adding to them through their first years of full-time teaching.

Every May, graduates completing the requirements for elementary, secondary, and music teacher certification exhibit these portfolios at the Annual Portfolio Fair, which is open to the College community and invited guests. Guests typically include parents, siblings, cooperating teachers, and area administrators. In addition to a proud celebration of work well done, some administrators use the fair as an opportunity to meet and review the work of potential candidates for employment.

Student Advisory Board (SAB) Structure and Duties

The SAB is usually made up of 4-8 students. Students who are current education certificate candidates elect a junior (or senior) chair and a sophomore chair-elect. The sophomore who receives the highest number of votes becomes the "chair-elect" and serves as the SAB chair during the junior year. Alternatively, the SAB can run elections for "co-chairs" with one sophomore and one junior.

The SAB meets with faculty and potential faculty, convenes meetings with SAB members to plan and organize events such as a film screenings, lectures or informational sessions and help with other departmental events.