The teacher certification program at Connecticut College is designed for students who are seeking the educational coursework to become professional teachers, certified to teach in and beyond the State of Connecticut.

The program, which has a reputation for producing excellent educators, prepares its future teachers to view their work as part of broader, collective efforts toward creating a multiracial, multi-vocal democracy that is capable of addressing society's serious social, economic and environmental problems. The program's alumni teach in schools and programs throughout the world, and teach to change the world, as well.

Teacher certification at Connecticut College is a selective and rigorous program that offers you the opportunity to pursue certification in elementary teaching (grade K-6)*, in secondary teaching (grade 7-12) or in music teaching (grade PK-12). These certifications are reciprocal in most other states.

* Due to changes in state licensure, anyone completing our elementary certification program after July 2017 will be eligible for a grade 1-6 (not k-6) endorsement.

Applying to the Program

Students may apply at the end of their first year and second year and are enrolled and admitted during their second year. To apply, students must complete an application and successfully complete the gateway course, EDU223: Foundations of Education.

Clinically-Rich Teacher Education

One of the assets of the teacher certification program is our emphasis on clinical experience, or "fieldwork," in partner districts and schools. Almost all courses in the Education Department incorporate a fieldwork component, internship, or opportunity to teach or assistant teach local elementary or secondary students. Through these experiences, teacher candidates have the chance to explore issues and perspectives about education in the context of everyday classrooms and also to practice teaching. These real-world experiences are supervised closely by mentor teachers and by faculty members in the Education Department. 

Studying Away as a Future Teacher

Since 55 percent of our students study away or abroad through Connecticut College, the teacher certification program provides the structural flexibility for those students who want to be certified and graduate within four years and study one semester away or abroad. All the candidates are encouraged to work closely with their college faculty advisers and the education department’s certification officer to plan the study-away semester.

Currently, enrollment in the certification program is limited to undergraduate students at Connecticut College. The program is accredited by the Connecticut State Department of Education and satisfies the requirements of many other states.

The Ninth Semester Option

A 9th semester option is available for current students. This is great opportunity for those who prefer it, or who need it due to their academic obligations in the semesters leading up to graduation. If interested, students should consult with the Education Department's Certification Officer. 

Learn more...

Many of your questions will be answered as you browse this website and many forms you might need can be downloaded directly here. However, you may still have questions and/or need pre-admission advising; if that is the case, we encourage you to contact Donna Graham at (860) 439-2760 to set up an appointment with our Certification Officer or one of our faculty.