Students major in gender and women’s studies because we combine a set of core courses with a range of interdisciplinary electives that allow you to shape your major according to your particular interests and talents.

The major will take you from the basics of transnational feminism to advanced understanding and application of transnational feminist theory, methodology and practice.? 

Gender and Women's Studies students

Students like you also choose gender and women’s studies because you enjoy being passionately engaged with your studies and your world – as intellectuals, activists, artists, and writers who will apply your knowledge of gender in your work, families and communities, intelligently and creatively, for your entire lives.

Let Renna Gottlieb '15,  Gender and Women’s Studies major, Elementary Education Certificate Scholar in the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy tell you why SHE chose GWS:

"I had never considered majoring in Gender and Women’s Studies until I began my freshman year at Connecticut College. After taking the introductory course, I knew that this is where I wanted my academic pursuits to lead for the rest of my time at Conn. I have absolutely loved being a major in the department. The members of the faculty are the kindest, most welcoming, and intelligent professionals I have yet to meet at Conn; they make it clear that student interest is a priority for the department, as well. The students in the department are extremely devoted to both the academic and social aspects of the department; we are all truly passionate about advancing a feminist agenda in society based on the knowledge gleaned from the classroom. Ultimately, however, I owe a great deal of thanks to the Gender and Women’s Studies Department for teaching me how to think and act with a critical consciousness. Go GWS!"

Connecticut College has long been commited to fostering diversity and supports students with programs, offices and resources that include the LGBTQIA Center and the Womxn's Center.