Study Away

Gender and Women's Studies encourages you to take advantage of study-away opportunities during the junior year to study gender and other subjects through the Office of Study Away and to apply to SATA (Study Away and Teach Away) or TRIP programs the College may offer.

A semester abroad during the junior year enriches and globalizes your learning, and there is a range of international programs with a gendered focus.

GWS professors and students also can travel together through the SATA or TRIP programs, or on excursions as part of a course. Seniors did so in 2007 on the Road Trip to New Orleans through Monticello, Highlander, the Loretta Lynn Café and Rest Stop, the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, then down the Mississippi River into the Crescent City, for a total of 3600 miles on the van.

No matter what their major, Connecticut College encourages its students to take advantage of opportunities to study away. Visit the global focus section to explore the possibilities.

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