The Italian department has always fostered an interdisciplinary approach, as is apparent from our courses and their explicit connections with other disciplines. Some of our courses, for example, introduce you to film, literature and other cultural expressions in a comparative and gendered context, offering fertile ground for developing connections with topics explored in film studies, gender and women studies, anthropology, English and other foreign language departments.

Other courses focusing on art, religion and science invite further reflection if combined with courses offered in art and art history, religion, philosophy and even environmental studies.

When we advise our Italian majors and minors, we encourage them to forge an interdisciplinary study program that responds to their interests and inclinations, both at the College and abroad.

  • One of our majors involved in environmental studies enriched his research on the alternative sources of energy that are promoted in Italy by doing an internship in one of the country's major centers.
  • Another combined Italian with gender and women studies and interviewed the members of some prominent feminist groups in Italy so she could complete her independent study once she was back at the College.
  • A third student majoring both in Italian and anthropology collected materials in Italy for her honors thesis, as she is interested in the way food is related to cultural practices in different regional contexts

In addition to benefiting from what is offered by our department, our students may earn a certificate from one of the College's four centers for interdisciplinary scholarship:

  • Toor Cummings Center for international Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA);
  • Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology
  • Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment
  • Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy

A fifth center, the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, is the College's hub for researching and teaching race and ethnicity across the disciplines.