Visiting the Music Department

Planning a trip to Connecticut College? Interested in the music department?

Come visit us! Call (860) 439-2720 in the music department office to schedule an informal, personal meeting with a music professor.

See what our music department is all about.

Auditions for prospective students

The music department does not require an audition for admission to the college, but you may choose to submit an optional art portfolio through your applicant portal and/or one non-academic recommendation (such as a peer recommendation) via your Common Application account. We will review your performance, and our review will become part of your application. 

Auditions for ensembles and music lessons

The music department welcomes the participation of both majors and non-majors in its ensembles and individual lessons. Placement consultations are offered each semester, and are designed to determine a student’s level of preparation.

Ensemble directors hold auditions for new students at the beginning of each semester. These audition dates are announced well ahead of time, and information may be requested from the individual ensemble director.

Generally, student musicians come to the college with some background in music; if, instead, you are a beginner, we may suggest that you take an introductory music theory course before undertaking private study. This will be discussed during your consultation.

As a general rule, instrumentalists (with the exception of keyboard and percussion students) should have their own instruments. The music department does own a small collection of instruments that are available for loan to students.

See the music department assistantin Cummings Arts Center 216 for details; or call 860-439-2720.