The faculty members of the department of philosophy are actively involved in research, as seen in more detail on their faculty profiles.

Some recent highlights:

Simon Feldman presented a paper, "What's Bad About Bad Faith," at a conference, exploring the implications of having false beliefs about oneself. He's also at work on two larger projects, one investigating arguments against racism that are premised on the claim that race is a morally arbitrary basis for structuring our social relations, and the other exploring some new, competing ideas about the nature of the self in relationship to the "good life."

Andrew Pessin published an article called "Descartes on Ideas" in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and is currently at work on a book on Descartes's notorious doctrine that God freely created even the necessary truths (such as those of mathematics), and "could have done otherwise."

Kristin Pfefferkorn is writing a book on the philosophy of film, analyzing Jane Campion's influential film The Piano.

In Derek Turner's book, Paleontology: A Philosophical Introduction (2011), Turner explores the many philosophical questions inherent in the larger field of paleontology.

Larry Vogel's recent articles are related to his work on Heidegger's Jewish students, including Hans Jonas, Leo Strauss, Hannah Arendt and Emmanuel Levinas, as well as on the question of whether we should hope that biotechnology might one day enable us to radically extend the human lifespan.