Theater students may expand on the theater curriculum by engaging in independent studies and honors projects that allow them to delve more deeply into areas of theater that particularly interest them. Senior majors may undertake these as a capstone project, meant as a culmination of their work and specific focus in theater during their academic career.

Some student descriptions of independent study and honors theater projects:

"Surrender, Ohio"
Grant Jacoby '13
Adviser: David Jaffe

"For my capstone project in theater, I am directing 'Surrender, Ohio,' a full-length play that I wrote. Through the process, I am exploring how to approach a piece of theater as a writer and as a director, respectively as well as collectively. This has involved casting the piece, working with designers, conducting rehearsals and coaching the actors, all while editing the script to its full potential."

Restoring A Theatrical Past
Ryan Cameron '12
Advisers: Krista Franco and Joseph Alchermes

"Why do certain structures gain support from communities and undergo major changes while others are left to crumble? This project explores how and why particular theaters and opera houses undergo restoration or refurbishment projects. Through interviews with staff and research on community support, project timelines and historic preservation, my paper focuses on five different theatrical structures: the Boston Opera House, Trinity Rep, the Warner Theatre, and New London’s Garde Arts Center and Capitol Theater."

"Hay Fever"
Molly Clifford '12
Adviser: David Jaffe

"As the student selected to direct the final main stage production of 2012, I was given the opportunity to work with professional designers and a first-rate cast and crew in a professionally equipped theater, under the guidance of David Jaffe, chair of the theater department. "Hay Fever" is one of Noel Coward’s early plays, set in the English countryside in 1925, which observes the relationships of hosts and guests, and fantasy and reality. The production was presented in Tansill Theater on April 26-29, 2012."

Exploration of the Job of a Technical Director in Theater
Meg Dolben '12
Adviser: Rodney Dumond

"My independent study is an exploration of the job of a technical director in theater. The first half of the semester I am focusing on learning the drafting program AutoCAD. I am taking my own hand drafting of the shoebox theater space on campus and recreating it using AutoCAD. The second half of the semester I am taking the position of technical director for the theater department’s main stage show, "Hay Fever," by Noel Coward. As technical director, I am working closely with the designers and director and attending production meetings. I am using my AutoCAD knowledge to draft shop drawings. From these drawings I can calculate an estimate for lumber and supplies, which is then turned into a shopping list. At the end of the semester I am putting together a book of all drawings, estimates, hours and information kept throughout the process to use as a resource in my resume and portfolio."