Lee Blalock "n3w_b0d1es" ColloquiaJanuary 2017 Technology WorkshopLa Pocha Nostra "Unplugged" - Guillermo Gomez Pena
Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble


Butch Rovan: Design Thinking in Music
Symposium 2016: Open All PortsLev Manovich: Data Art, Data Science, and Digital HumanitiesMomo Ishiguro: Soundscapes for Supermarkets
OpenEndedGroup: On Location in 3D
Chris Salter: Alien Agency: Techno-science, Art and the Limits of Knowing
Rebecca Mitchell: Extreme Aesthetics: The Creation of Self, Gender, Art, and Life as Radical FeminismTirtza Even: Natural Life documentary screening
Fall Weekend Opening Reception of New Work/Seminar Space at 768 Williams Street
Joey Mercado '16, Ray Coti '16 and Virginia Gresham '17: Fall Weekend 2015 Events (demonstration of the Diane Y. Williams '59 Visualization Wall)
Caroline Park: Embodying the Beyond
Andrea Lanoux, David Kim, Rosemary Roberts, Lyndsey Nelson: Whistling Vivaldi

2014-2015 Heather Dewey-Hagbord: Rendering DNA
Sarah Oppenheimer: FE-09 - Isovists: recent work
Maayan Sheleff: Frankie - A Documentarian Robot
Marianne Weems and James Gibbs: 21st Century Storytelling Since 1994
2013-2014 Symposium 2014: Presence, Immersion and Location
2012-2013 Christopher Grymes: The Inflexible Partner
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy: Twenty-one Twelve
Barbara Hammer: The Hidden Hammer and the Lesbian Museum
Reid Farrington: Organizing Principles
2011-2012 Symposium 2012: Aesthetics and Creative Pathways
2010-2011 Michael Rees: Putto 4 Over 4: The Public and the Private
Betsey Biggs: The Waking Dream-ness of Sound
Harmony Bench: Social Dance-Media
Michael Casey: Scandora
Casey Neistat: A Camera, Marker, Paper and Scissors
2009-2010 Symposium 2010: Revolution: Technology as Change
2008-2009 Elaine Chew: Musical Science and Engineering Art
Allison De Fren: Disarticulations of the Artificial Woman
Rachel Boggia: Kurosawa's Rashomon through Improvisational Interactive Performance
Andrea Polli: Ground Truth
2007-2008 Symposium 2008: New Creativity
2006-2007 Jon Rubin: The Floating Cinema and Cross Cultural Video Production
Todd Winkler: Synesthetic Explorations in Multimedia Dance/Theatre
Butch Rovan: Resistance, Technology, and the Work of Etienne-Jules Marey
Terrence Masson: Digital Fauxtography
2004-2005 Doug Scott: Art, Technology, and Politics of German Design, 1890-1945
Barbara Lattanzi: Viewer as Performer
Peter Kirn: IMAGE + SOUND: Integrating Visual and Aural in the Digital Realm
Camille Utterbeck: Interaction with Digital Media
2002-2003 Symposium 2003: Transparent Technologies
2001-2002 Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel
Tim Roy: Dyanmic Diagrams
Tristan Murail
Gerardo Orioli and Jay Nilsen: The Many Faces of 3D Computer Animation
2000-2001 Symposium 2001: Feedback: Perception and Interaction in the Electronics Arts
1999-2000 Robert Weschler and Frieder Weiss
Ted Gipstein '76: Forensic Animation Evidence
1998-1999 Helen Thorington
Matt Heckert
Adrianne Wortzel