The Center offers intensive week-long technology workshops in rotating themes, which may include motion capture, physical computing, rapid prototyping, wearable electronics, bio-hacking, animation, flying robots (aka drones) and their uses, locative media/augmented reality media, hackathon-style challenges. Participation in the sophomore year workshop is required. The Center offers these workshops to our certificate students at no charge, including room and board, funded by the college.

Input - Processing - Output

January 14-18, 2019

Instructor: Andrew Schneider

Performer, writer, and interactive-electronics artist creating original works for theater, video, and installation

Input-Processing-Output is a five-day workshop that focuses on incorporating multiple platforms and tools to achieve an original live, interactive experience. Emphasis will be on rapid prototyping, troubleshooting, and collaborative work to both learn and push tools and artists to new ways of making.

Topics covered: Isadora, Arduino, Max/MSP, Ableton Live.