Through the generosity of two donors, CISLA has endowed funds available to offer students to apply for grants for a variety of opportunities: to attend a conference, nationally or domestically, to return to the site of the internship to continue research, collect data, have follow up interviews or to travel to libraries to do primary research.

In 2012-2013 we awarded eight such grants:

Sarah Flecke returned to Quito, Ecuador where she interned for the Banco Solidario. Sarah was able to collect more significant data and interview clients to augment her research on the topic of her senior integrative project “Financial Education and the Financial Capability Gap: Analyzing the Feasibility of Credit Counseling for Ecuador as a Remedy to Private Over-Indebtedness.”

Mariam Tabatadze attended a lecture in New York titled “A Conversation on the State of the Economy” sponsored by the Institute of New Economic Thinking. Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz were the keynote speakers. Her senior project was on the “Euro Zone Crisis.”

Meredith Boyle returned to Paris where she augmented her research by means of interviews and library research on her senior integrative project, “Effects of French Immigration and Integration Policies on Homegrown Terrorism in France.”

Taylor McCurdy attended a conference in Washington, DC, on Renewable Energy Markets.

Martina Rudolph attended a conference of the Association of International Business where she presented with Professor Monika Lopez-Anarbe from the Connecticut College economics department

Mimi Bangali returned to Dakar, Senegal, to continue research and conduct interviews with doctors, patients and family members as part of the work for her senior integrative project on the “Social, Economic, Psychological and Emotional Effects of Fistula.”

Ikram Lakhdhar returned to Johannesburg, South Africa, to continue research and interview artists on her topic of “South Africa’s Post-apartheid Artistic Movements.”

Tristan Cole returned to Ecuador where he met with experts in the field of orchid growing as part of the research for his senior integrative project on “Orchid Poaching and Trafficking in Ecuador.”

Ivan Leroux attended a conference at UC Berkeley titled “Fighting the Diseases of Poverty: From Early Discovery to Diagnostics and Vaccines.” Ivan completed his internship in Panama at the International Collaborative Biodiversity Groups for Natural Product Drug Discovery. His senior integrative project was titled “Effects of Neglected Tropical Diseases on People and Communities.”