Through the generosity of two donors, CISLA is able to offer competitive Student Travel Grants for CISLA students to continue work on their senior integrative project by attending a conference or workshop, returning to the site of the internship to continue research or conduct interviews or by traveling to a site where primary materials are available.

In 2013-2014 we awarded five such grants:

Sybil Bullock attended a conference in Victoria-Gasteiz, Spain, titled "Anthropology in Morocco: Discourses, Encounters and Networks." This gave her important additional information to complete her senior integrative project on The Lasting Effects of Colonization on Linguistic Diversity in Morocco. Sybil made excellent connections with some of the leading scholars in her field of interest and came away with rich resources to complete her project.

Jennifer Rodriguez will return to France during spring break to continue her research at the Museum of the French Revolution where she will be able to access primary resources in the museum and in the local library, as well as conduct interviews to complete her senior integrative project titled: Child Witnesses Through Revolutionary Periods Through the Eyes of Marie Antoinette’s Daughter.

Nick Gollner returned to Beijing during winter break to continue research on his honors theses, "From Iron Rice Bowl to Ten-Piece Bucket: Expressing Contemporary Urban Identity Through Food." Nick is examining the rise of new consumer markets within China. Microbreweries, henceforth unheard of, are beginning to take hold and Haagen-Dazs has figured out how to sell to a culture that has no real previous history of dairy consumption. Nick will look at the retail and media operations of these companies to examine how they have targeted their marketing to Chinese clientele. He will collect images of the public marketing posters to be able to better understand the strategy to appeal to the public. This exciting project will highlight in a concrete way the of globalization of food.

Jackie Fulgham returned to Amman, Jordan to continue the work she began last summer at the NGO, Hopes for Women in Education (HFW). Her senior integrative project is on the social sustainability of Palestinian women refugees in Jordan, focusing on their education and employment opportunities in comparison with those of Jordanian women. She continued her work with the women refugees through targeted interviews as well as offering them some new practical workshops. Jackie also arranged meetings with local community leaders in the refugee camps who will help her understand how to engage the women refugees and encourage them to attend the HFW program.

Jyoti Arvey returned to Ufa, Russia for 12 days during winter break. She continued to collect ethnographic interviews for her honors thesis, "Gender in the Space of the Russian Home." The interviews represent a cross-generational study on the Russian home. Due to the lack of textual resources on this henceforth un-studied subject, the interviews will be key to successfully completing the honors thesis.