John Pearson '19 attended an international conference in Barcelona titled, Smart Cities World Expo Congress 2018. This was a perfect match for him, as it complemented the topic of his senior integrative project, “The Future is Now: Contextualizing Shanghai as a Smart City.”

Olivia Domowitz '19 completed a very ambitious trip to Nador, Morocco, the Spanish enclave, Melilla, in Northern Africa, Barcelona, Paris, and then back to Rabat, Morocco to conduct additional interviews to complete her senior integrative project, “Francophone Migrants in Morocco and the Journey to Europe.”  

Carolyn Cross '19 returned to Santiago, Chile to continue research for her senior integrative project, “Labor Intermediation Versus Micro-Credit Loans as a Means of Poverty Reduction in the Neoliberal Context of Chile.” She followed up on the programs that she had helped initiate during her internship and conducted additional interviews.

Jamila Ezbidi '19 attended a conference in Chicago titled Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. The conference addressed methods of alternative architectural practice that can contribute to a more holistically sustainable future. This was a perfect complement to her senior integrative project, “Sustainable and Alternative Architecture: Examining the Intersection of Architecture and Social  Movements.”

Morgan Fowle '19 returned to Toledo, Spain to gather additional information on radical jihadist terrorism in Spain through independent research and interviews with experts and professors. This additional information provided her with a strong background to complete her senior integrative project, “Deradicalization Versus Disengagement in Counterterrorism: A Case Study of Spain.”

Emily Caron '19 returned to Lima, Peru to conduct additional research for her senior integrative project, “Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Cervical Cancer in Lima, Peru: Implications of Prevention and Treatment.” She analyzed the availability of HPV vaccinations in both the private and public sector, as shadowed a gynecologist in Lima during spring break to further investigate her research questions.

Sam Simonds '19 returned to Taiwan for seven weeks funded by CISLA and other sources to complete his award-winning film, Smoke of the Sea, and his senior integrative project, “A ’Tolan Resistance to Han Chinese Colonization Through Song, Religion, Spirituality and Humor.” Sam received the prestigious Oakes and Louise Ames Prize for the year’s most outstanding honors thesis. 

Meher Kahn '19 returned to Madrid, Spain to continue her research and conduct interviews for her senior integrative project, “Spain’s Management of Xenophobia by Non-Governmental Organizations.”

Maryum Quasim '20 traveled to Waziristan, Pakistan to continue research for her senior integrative project on the effects of drone strikes on the mental health of youth in the affected areas.