Student/Faculty Research

Our professors are making important discoveries. You can, too.

Here's a sampling of research projects by our students:

Audio Games: A Suite of Four for Visually Impaired Players

By: Dan White '14
Faculty Adviser: Ozgur Izmirli

Creative Writing across Mediums: Portfolio and Authorial Process

By: Shannon Keating '13
Faculty Adviser: Ross Morin '05 and Bridget Baird
(Creative work)
(Senior capstone)

'Heart to Heart,' a short film using computer animation and live action

By: Matthew Gentile '12
Faculty Adviser: Bridget Baird
(Creative work)
(Senior capstone)

Bob Dylan’s 123rd Dream

By: Michael Lubars '12
Faculty Adviser: Ross Morin '05

Grown to be Sold

By: Phebe Piers '12 and Juan Pablo Pacheco '14
Faculty Adviser: Ross Morin '05
(Creative work)


Student profile

Maura Hallisey Maura Hallisey

Film studies, sociology

Q: Why Connecticut College?
A: When I visited campus, I was struck by the small classes and the individual attention paid to students. I thought Connecticut College would be a place where I could grow both as a student and person. I was drawn by the liberal arts curriculum and the commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity.

Q: What drew you to film studies?
A: In my first semester, I took "Introduction to Film: How to Read a Film." In a discussion on the film "Memento" (Christopher Nolan, 2000), we began theorizing the way memory and psychology connected to the film's narrative structure. I thought, "This is so cool!" I also realized I wanted to study a discipline that would allow me to incorporate ideas from a variety of subjects.

Q: What role has CELS, the College's career and internship program, played for you?
A: CELS equipped me with practical job-search skills and instilled a sense of confidence in me as I go out into the market. My CELS adviser has been such a fantastic resource. Through her help, I was able to intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. I helped organize monthly film festivals for museum visitors there.

Selected courses

  • Introduction to Film Studies: How to Read a Film
  • Studies in Film Culture
  • Screenwriting
  • Animation
  • Documentary Theory and Production
  • Ideological Representation in Motion Picture Production
  • Fundamentals of Motion Picture Production
  • Advanced Production Workshop
  • Studies in Cult and Camp
  • Philosophy and Film
  • Representing Gender
  • Studies in Authorship: Women Directors
  • The Holocaust in Film and Literature
  • Death and Desire: The Invention of Horror in Early German Cinema
  • Feminisms in American Popular Culture


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