The gender and women's studies major takes you from the basics of transnational feminism to an advanced understanding and application of theory, methodology and practice. You shape your experience according to your interests and talents, developing a personalized course of study by combining core courses with any of a range of interdisciplinary electives. Topics include using gender and sexuality as categories of analysis, the history of women’s movements, contemporary struggles over issues such as sexual and domestic violence, gender equity in work, and women’s status in family, faith and nation. Upper level courses further develop students’ knowledge of feminist theory and research methods in order to support their own research. Students can take cross-listed courses to either connect their gender and women’s studies interests to another discipline or to learn more about subjects from many perspectives.  

Global-local connections

Students have opportunities throughout their coursework to put theory into practice. From community-based learning with New London community partners to summer internships in the US and abroad, GWS students get hands-on experience working with GWS practitioners. Study Away provides another opportunity for students to experience and learn firsthand about gender issues in other nations and cultures. GWS professors and students also sometimes travel together in the U.S. or abroad as part of their Connecticut College coursework or to participate in GWS-related conferences.

After Connecticut College

Our graduates draw upon the knowledge and skills they learn in GWS to passionately engage the world. The interdisciplinary and praxis focus of our department ensures that students graduate with experience in research and advocacy skills and in cross-cultural communication that is highly valued by employers and graduate schools. They are practitioners, advocates, intellectuals, teachers, artists and writers. Graduates may go directly into work in a range of fields from dance, human resources, publishing, and business or they may go on to do graduate work in law, public policy and teaching.

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