The Holleran Center promotes the development of community learning courses throughout the College. Community learning takes many forms, including internships, action research and courses with required service components.

The common denominator is the deliberate linking of service, academic study and structured reflection. The Center offers support to faculty for the development of community learning and works with the College's office of Community Partnerships in student placements.

Community/Service learning classes include a community based component that links course content to real-world settings. Connecticut College students in community learning courses provide direct service to local non-profit organizations, local schools, and government agencies. In addition to learning with professors and in classroom settings, students in these courses learn with a wide range of community people and organizations.

At the same time students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and abilities to the common good by engaging in areas such as completing research for the Office of Planning and Development, teaching math and science to middle school students, organizing public housing residents to address issues of safety and affordable housing and increasing the capacity of health clinics for uninsured residents.

Students also develop a wide range of skills and values connected to learning in areas of democratic citizenship, political effectiveness, diversity, leadership, inter- and intrapersonal interactions, and social responsibility.