Our program offers the best features of a music conservatory and a traditional liberal arts experience. You are challenged in the studio and classroom to be a first-rate performer, composer and scholar. Your professors work closely with you to tailor the program to your needs and interests. You can major in music or music and technology, with a concentration in performance, theory, ethnomusicology, music education, history or composition. Master classes and lectures will provide regular opportunities for you to work with internationally known performers, composers and scholars. Through Connections, you’ll integrate your music studies with your choice of an academic Pathway, and then practice everything you’ve learned in an internship. The discipline and critical-thinking skills you develop will prepare you for graduate school or a career in a number of fields.

Performance and private study opportunities

Public performances are a priority. You can perform during one of the many recitals each semester or join one of several ensembles, including the concert band, jazz ensemble, orchestra, percussion ensemble and chamber choir. If you are interested in musical theater, you can audition for one of our annual shows, produced in collaboration with the theater department. We also offer free music lessons to qualified students through the Jack Niblack '98 Music Lessons Fund.


Cummings Arts Center boasts technology-rich classrooms, the Greer Music Library, two performance halls and numerous studios and practice rooms. We are also an "All-Steinway School." In Cummings, you have access to a recording studio, a control room with connectivity to two major recital halls and a production-quality electronic music studio.

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