Course Exchange Program at the United States Coast Guard Academy, Trinity, and Wesleyan

Connecticut College degree-seeking students have the opportunity to enroll in one course each fall and spring semester at the United States Coast Guard Academy, Trinity College, or Wesleyan University. The courses are taught in-person at the host institution.

Students must have the approval of their adviser and class dean in order to participate. The program is offered to full-time Connecticut College students in residence for a maximum of one course per semester at one of the participating institutions.    

Please consult the table below to determine whether chair approval is required in addition to faculty adviser approval, if you intend to take the course for general credit. Students taking the course for their major/minor must always have chair approval.

Department/Program                                          Faculty adviser approval is sufficient if the course(s) will be used for general credit   Students must seek chair approval in addition to faculty adviser approval, for courses which will be used for general credit
Africana Studies  
American Studies  
Architectural Studies  
Art History  
Art Studio  
Computer Science  
East Asian Languages & Cultures  
Environmental Studies  
Film Studies  
French and Francophone  
Gender, Sexuality, & Intersectionality Studies  
German Studies  
Global Islamic Studies  
Government and International Relations  
Hispanic Studies  
Human Development  
Mathematics & Statistics  
Slavic Studies  

Course Policies

Enrollment in the Course Exchange Program is subject to enrollment policies, including instructor permission and course restrictions, as well as seat availability after the host instititution has registered their students.

Students may not enroll in an exchange course that is the same/similar in content to one offered in that semester at Connecticut College. 

Please be aware that the grade for the course will be posted to the Connecticut College transcript exactly as it is reported by the participating institution. Connecticut College cannot change grades that have been awarded by another institution.

While enrolled in the exchange course, students are held responsible for the deadlines and policies of the institution that apply to the course, including the institution’s deadline to enroll and last day to withdraw. Students may not drop or withdraw from the course without approval from the participating institution, their adviser, and their class dean. 

Enrollment Process

  • As a first step, Connecticut College students interested in participating in the course exchange program should discuss this with their adviser and class dean.
  • If their adviser and class dean approve, they should then contact the Registrar’s office of the participating institution for information about enrolling in a specific course (see contact information below).
  • If the participating institution has seats available and permits enrollment in the course, students should forward the emailed approval from the institution to in order to obtain a registration form.
  • Please note that the form requires the approval and signatures of the student’s adviser, class dean, and the Connecticut College department chair/program director (if applicable).
  • The signed form should be returned to Fanning 105 so the registrar's office at Connecticut College can complete the enrollment process with the registrar's office at the participating institution. All forms must be received by the end of the drop/add period in the semester in which the course will be taken. 

Course/Contact Information

For information regarding catalogs/schedules and whether enrollment in a specific course is permitted, please contact the Registrar’s office at the participating institution. Students attending the participating institition are enrolled in courses first during their pre-registration period; remaining seats may then be available as part of the exchange program.

Students are advised to be aware of the academic calendars of each institution (begin and end dates of the semester/when classes are held) since this may not coincide with Connecticut College's academic calendar. (In the case of the Coast Guard Academy, accommodations are often possible but must be approved by the course instructor on a case-by-case basis. Students should contact Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Dr. Eric Page,, for help in facilitating this process).

Course Exchange at Connecticut College

Eligible students at the United States Coast Guard Academy, Trinity College, and Wesleyan University may enroll in one course per fall or spring semester at Connecticut College, subject to enrollment policies, including instructor permission and course restrictions, as well as seat availability. Students should contact the Registrar’s office at their institution to determine eligibility to participate in the Course Exchange Program. 

Please note that all students will be required to submit proof of their COVID vaccination status in order to enroll in courses at Connecticut College.

Information about courses offered at Connecticut College is available here. For information about enrollment in a particular course at Connecticut College, please contact

  • USCGA cadets who have been approved by the Academy to enroll in a Connecticut College course should contact Professor Christopher Hammond, who will help facilitate the course enrollment process.
  • Trinity and Wesleyan students who have been approved by their institution to enroll in a Connecticut College course should obtain a Course Exchange Enrollment Form from their institution's registrar’s office. Emailed course instructor approval and the completed form can be sent to