Moving into your room

All first-year students at Connecticut College will have one to three roommates. You may be shown to your room on orientation day to put your luggage down, but as a gesture of courtesy, you should not move your belongings into the closet, or claim any beds/furniture for yourself nor choose "your side" of the room until your roommate(s) have all arrived. Then, depending on you and your roommates, you may then choose your beds by drawing lots and then negotiate how you would like to divide or rearrange the furniture.

Your roommates may have their parents or families with them to help them unpack, and sometimes even help move furniture about! If you find that you also need help with your rooming situation that you are unable to resolve with your roommates, feel free to call your Student Adviser or your International Student Adviser for advice.

Housing policies

The College current policy allows you to stay on campus (for a nominal fee) over the summer if you take summer courses, have a summer job at the College, or work for a professor on an academic project over summer. Pay attention to the notices from the Office of Residential Education and Living before winter, spring and summer breaks, and contact your International Adviser if you have any questions.

Health care insurance

All full-time Connecticut College students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage. Health care can be very expensive in the U.S. However, the College sponsors a comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) in which you may enroll. The SHIP incurs a separate expense, in addition to your tuition and other fees. Many international plans do not provide the same level of coverage required by the College but if you have a health insurance plan from home and believe it to be comparable please forward a copy of the plan document to for further review. For more information on the SHIP please visit

The Student Health Center

The College's Student Health Center is located in Warnshuis Building and is open Monday through Friday when the College is in session.

Finances and U.S. currency

Denominations:$1, $2 (rare), $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
Coins: 1 cent (penny), 5 cents (nickel), 10 cents (dime), 25 cents (quarter), 50 cents (half dollar)


Bank representatives will be on campus during orientation to help students who wish to open accounts. There is an ATM served by Citizens Bank in the College Center at Crozier-Williams ("Cro").


Photo ID (passport)

Types of Accounts

Savings: interest is accrued
Checking: for frequent transactions
Credit/ Debit Cards: Some find them very useful and practical; however, these should be used with caution. They provide an incentive for excessive spending!
Credit cards: Citibank and American Express are available for students.
Debit cards: these may be used to withdraw and deposit money at the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) on campus in the College Center at Crozier-Williams (Cro). The College recognizes that students may experience financial difficulties as a result of unpredictable currency exchange rates. We regret to inform you that no additional aid can be awarded due to this circumstance.

Local Banks and Addresses

Citizens Bank, New London Shopping Center, New London, CT. 860-444-3574.

Bank of America, 260 Frontage Road, New London CT. 860-447-6178.

Check the bank websites for information about minimum deposits, balances, and appropriate fees. There will be banking representatives on campus at Orientation.