Most airlines operating international flights permit travelers to check only two pieces of luggage whose total external dimensions do not exceed 106 inches/270cm (length + depth + width of both pieces added, with the larger piece not exceeding 62 inches/157.5). There are shopping trips available for you to purchase necessary items here.

  • Mark the outside of your luggage with tape and your name, Connecticut College and the Dean's phone number:
    Connecticut College
    Dean's Office
    1 (860) 439-2053
  • Mark your baggage in some distinctive way (ribbons on the handle) to make it easier for you to identify your luggage.
  • Pack essential documents, medicines, etc. in a carry-on case.
  • Make a photocopy of your ticket or list its number and all flights along with the name and address of the agency that issued it, and keep this information separate from the ticket.
  • Make photocopies or back up all of your essential documents and pack them separately from the originals among your luggage. This serves a precaution in case you misplace or lose any luggage items in transit.
  • Due to the increase in security, you will be asked to carry a very limited amount of liquids and gels in your carry on baggage (less than 50ml.).
  • You will be asked to take off your shoes and belts and asked to take your computer out of its case.

For more information please visit:

Ideas of What to Bring

  • Bring copies of your important health records.
  • Pack prescription notes, medications you take regularly (as for allergies), or anything you might not be able to afford here.
  • Bring tapes, CDs, photographs, cultural dress, maps, posters, little snacks from home and other items that will help you remain connected to your home and others to become familiar with your home country. (There will be cultural presentations that most international students get involved in.)
  • The best advice is to travel light. Bring clothing and some favorite possessions.
  • You may find it most convenient to buy blankets, linens, pillows, lamps, and other dormitory accessories when you get here.
  • Clothing: When you arrive in August, the weather will probably be around 80°F or 27°C. In general, we will have fairly warm weather into September when temperatures will begin to get cooler. As Connecticut College is near Long Island Sound, winter temperatures often can go below freezing (32°F or 0°). You will be able to purchase winter clothing here.
  • Spices: If you enjoy cooking or sense that you might soon be missing food from home, pack some spices for cooking needs on campus. (Please note, however, that most dorms do not have kitchens). Food is generally allowed by the U.S. Customs as long as it is dry. DO NOT BRING MEAT OR FRESH PRODUCE. You do not have to bring the items listed above, but it's kind of cool to have them. If you are concerned about what is allowed, refer to the FAQ, (Frequently asked Questions) at

About Voltage and Electrical Items

Especially if you are coming from Europe and certain parts of Asia, you may find that your electrical appliances require a different voltage from that of the U.S., where the voltage ranges from 110 to 120 volts. If you are bringing your own computer, make sure your laptop has a voltage converter or buy one if necessary. Items such as table lamps and radios are available here at affordable prices. Buy your voltage converter at home or at the airport, because it is hard to find one when you are actually here.

Immigration Forms

Make sure you have your passport with F-1 visa and the I-20 form mailed to you by the Office of Admission. Also, make sure that the passport control officer staples your I-94 form in your passport. This is very important. It is a real pain to obtain another one when it is lost.

Phone Cards

If you need a phone card immediately after arrival, you can buy one at the College Center at Crozier-Williams (Cro) or at Greyhound bus station in downtown New London, Some international students also find good phone rates on prepaid phone cards sold nearby, e.g. CITGO gas station or Lee's Market down the street at Hodges Square. There will be more information in the phone book that you will receive when you arrive. Another source is online sites, for example: and  Most students prefer to use SKYPE.

First Arrival

From the airport to New London you will find that it is most convenient to get to the college if you land at Logan Airport in Boston, MA or T. F. Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island. The closest international airport to Connecticut College is T.F. Green Airport in Providence, RI. It is only 45 minutes from New London. T.F. Green Airport has a shuttle that will take you into Providence and from there you can get a Greyhound bus or take the Amtrak train into New London, Connecticut. Travel time from this airport is about one hour.

If you arrive in Boston (South Station), you can take Amtrak with or without reservations to New London (one-way ticket $30-42). Kennedy Airport in New York (JFK) is the one that serves most airlines and therefore huge and usually very busy; you may want to opt for flying into Boston or Providence if you have good alternatives available.

If you arrive at JFK, you can take the shuttle to the Howard Beach subway station. Then you can take the A-train to Port Authority or to Penn Station depending on whether you want to use the bus or the train ($40+ subway fare). You can also take a taxicab from the west terminal of JFK to Penn Station or Port Authority where you can take the Greyhound bus (about $40 for a one-way ticket) to New London. From Penn Station you can board an Amtrak train ( $58 for a one-way ticket) to New London. Or arrange with Connecticut Limousine Service to bring you to New Haven, CT where you can make connections with Amtrak railroad to take you to New London. For more information check or call 1-800-472-5466 or 1(203) 878-2222. For limousine service at the airport - when you arrive at JFK - go to ground transportation on the Baggage Area where you can ask for a ticket at the ground transportation desk or use a courtesy phone. To use a courtesy phone-dial 12 and you will be connected to the CT Limousine Service. The service runs every two hours from New Haven beginning at 6:45 am to 2:30 pm and every hour from 2:30 pm to midnight. The one-way cost is about $65.

From New London to Connecticut College

Once you arrive at the New London Greyhound/Amtrak (train) Union Station, take a taxicab to the college ($7 from the train station plus 10-15% tip). There are usually cabs waiting outside the station.

The following companies serve New London/Groton area: Harry's Cab, (860) 442 4050 or Yellow Cab, (860) 443-4321. Telephone calls from the airport or train station cost $0.50.

THE COLLEGE CANNOT ACCOMMODATE STUDENTS BEFORE THE OFFICIAL OPENING DAY. If you are planning to arrive the evening before the official opening day you should inform your international student adviser of your plans.