International students are encouraged to turn to the following people for information, advice, or referral to other helpful resources. The International Student Adviser and your International Adviser (IA) - another student who has had the experience of balancing two or more cultures, languages, and ways of life. Your IA is not only a friend who can help you deal with culture shock or homesickness, but also a source of information and advice. Your IA can help you get involved in international student events.

In addition to the International Student Adviser and your IA, the following resources are available to all students:

Academic issues

The professor of a course
The Academic Resource Center (ARC)
Your faculty adviser
Dean of First-Year Students (ext. 2050)
Office of the Registrar (ext. 3100)

Campus employment

Financial Aid Services  (ext. 2216)

Career advising

Hale Center for Career Development (ext. 2770)

Financial Issues

Dean of the College (ext. 2050)
Financial Aid Services (ext. 2058)
Accounting (Office of the Controller) (ext.2089)

Health issues

Student Health Services (ext. 2275)
Student Wellness (ext. 2826)
Student Counseling Services (ext. 4589)

Safety issues

Campus Safety (ext. 2222)
Parking tags (ext. 2250)

Information Services

Information Services  
IT Service desk / computer help, ext. 439-HELP (4357)


Office of Residential Education and Living (ext. 2834)

Language or Writing Questions

Roth Writing Center (ext. 2173)

Personal issues

Dean of the College, including the Associate Deans (ext. 2050)
Counseling Services (ext. 4587)
Dean of Students (ext. 2825)
The College chaplains, Office of Religious and Spiritual Programs (ext. 2451)
Father Bob Washabaugh (ext. 2452)
Rabbi Susan Schein (ext. 5165)
Your housefellow
Your peer adviser
Your student adviser
Your international adviser