Q: What is the minimum GPA for transfer admission?

The recommended minimum GPA for transfer admission is 3.0, but the average college GPA for admitted transfer students is approximately 3.4.

Q: How many credits will I have to complete at Connecticut College in order to graduate?

This depends on how many credits transfer in from your previous institution, but you must complete half (or 64) of your 128 credits on campus at Connecticut College in order to graduate. A typical course at Connecticut College is 4 credits.

Q: How much of my credit will transfer?

You must complete 128 credits in order to graduate. In addition, you must complete at least two full years of academic work in residence (full-time status), including one semester of senior year, and you must earn at least 64 Connecticut College credits (earned at the College or in Connecticut College programs abroad.)

Once the Office of the Registrar receives your official college transcripts, the Registrar will complete a credit evaluation to determine which classes will transfer.

Please see the Registrar's section Advanced Level Work and Advanced Standing, where you may refer to the table to determine the minimum score required and the potential General Education equivalency. AP credit or the equivalent may be used to satisfy General Education requirements, subject to the approval of the department. 

Transfer credit is awarded for all courses with grades of C and above that have an approximate counterpart in the Connecticut College curriculum. The credit evaluation will also determine which transfer courses will count toward your General Education requirements.

Check out the course catalog to see what courses are offered at Connecticut College. If possible, please send course descriptions for each course you wish to transfer to assist the registrar's office in the review process. For more information about the transfer credit process, contact Assistant Registrar Frances Foley at ffol@conncoll.edu, or 860-439-2066.

There are certain courses from other schools for which we typically do not award transfer credit. These include: elementary and intermediate algebra, pre-calculus, trigonometry, desktop publishing and most business courses.

Q: As long as a transfer student spends two full years here, does it matter if they enter in the spring?

A transfer student could enroll in the spring semester and complete a degree two years later, after spending two full years in residence and earning a minimum of 64 Connecticut College credits. A student may finish degree requirements in December (and can go through an informal graduation ceremony at that time), but the actual conferring of degrees only happens once a year, in May.