A Generatively Constructed Interactive Visual and Poetic Environment


Generative Art Conference and Exhibition, Rome, Italy


Shain Library Reopening, Diane Y. Williams '59 Christie MicroTile Visualization Wall, Shain Library, Connecticut College

Interactive installation, Kinect, Christie MicroTile Visualization Wall

The state change from solid to liquid is an example of a phase transition in a thermodynamic system. Similarly imagined, a poetic phrase transition might be exemplified by a semantic or typographic state change affecting the meaning of lexical representation of text fragments. Within the interactive generative environment we have developed, both types of transition are interwoven in the visualization of iceberg data, water currents, and poetic phrases that appear and evolve. Hexagonal iceberg forms take their initial position and size from International Ice Patrol (IIP) iceberg sighting data. After being spawned, they exhibit slow melting and drifting behaviors that can be interactively accelerated and influenced by the movement of an observer using the Microsoft Kinect motion-sensing camera. Simultaneously, poetic textual phrases can be spawned, evolving with a set of related but distinct behaviors, and interacting within the environment. User interaction re-locates the phrases and changes the meaning. The system explores interaction that both generates and eliminates through the transitioning between states.

President Katherine Bergeron viewing Ph(r)ase Transition on the Christie MicroTile Visualization Wall
President Katherine Bergeron interacting with Ph(r)ase Transition on the Diane Y. Williams '59 Christie MicroTile Visualization Wall in Shain Library


Bridget Baird: computer science
Andrea Wollensak: visual artist