May 1, 2020

Dear Students,
I hope you and everyone in your household are doing well as you complete your final week of classes. In my letter of April 15, I discussed the working groups we had formed to determine how and when Conn will resume classes next year. I am writing today to let you know about our progress.
To put it plainly: our aim is a successful start of school in the fall. You know our mission at Connecticut College: to put the liberal arts into action. That means thoughtful interactions with professors and students; rigorous coursework; research and leadership; artistic, athletic, and community engagements; and, above all, real-world experiences in a generous and respectful residential community. We are committed to realizing that mission in 2020-2021.
One of the “real-world” experiences we all will face, of course, is adapting our lives and work to new public health protocols. Protecting the health and safety of the community will always be our highest priority. We are now working through various logistics to ensure a strong and safe fall semester for everyone. You can expect to hear more detailed plans by the end of this month. 
Finally, with a tight job market, we suspect that some of you may be looking to advance your academic goals this summer. You should know that, starting in July, Connecticut College will be making a special group of courses available to you online. More information about the course topics, professors, registration, and cost will be posted on or before June 1. 
In the meantime, we are sending good thoughts your way as you complete this historic spring semester. We very much look forward to having you back on campus.

Katherine Bergeron