October 20, 2023

Dear members of the Connecticut College community,

As you know, Conn has a well-earned reputation as a top liberal arts institution with prudent financial management. We have a balanced annual operating budget; robust philanthropic support, applications and enrollment; and a growing endowment. 

But as you also know, many colleges and universities nationwide face financial challenges due to economic, demographic and other changes. Since becoming interim president, I have carefully reviewed Conn’s budget along with our interim vice president for Finance, Robert Knight, and gained greater insight into our overall financial situation. As I said in my initial meetings with faculty and staff, it is everyone's responsibility when it comes to managing budgets.

As a first step toward addressing these challenges, I have asked our senior administrators to identify ways to work more efficiently and to contain costs. During this time, our Facilities office will continue to prioritize the most vital campus services, but there may be some impacts, such as service request delays, specifically from contracted Facilities services, as well as possible project modifications, deferred repairs and scheduling changes to better suit our students’ needs.  

In addition to containing costs, the College is exploring opportunities to increase revenues, and I will keep the Conn community updated as our financial strategies progress. I also thank you in advance for having patience with our dedicated Facilities staff and for remembering that our collective efforts will result in a stronger future for Conn.


Leslie Wong

Les Wong, Ph.D.
Interim President

Katherine Bergeron