February 7, 2024

Dear members of the Connecticut College community,

I am writing to inform you about a data security incident that occurred in March 2023 and the measures we are taking in response.

This incident involved an unauthorized party who accessed and/or acquired certain files maintained on the College’s computer systems. Upon detecting the unauthorized activity, we promptly contained the incident, took steps to remediate the issue, notified law enforcement, and commenced a thorough forensic investigation that included leading cybersecurity experts to identify what personal information was involved. The third-party investigation of this incident includes an extensive and ongoing manual review of files that were determined to be involved.

Those members of the Conn community whose personal information was involved will receive a printed letter in the mail detailing what information was involved, what we are doing to protect their information and other measures that are being taken.

We have no evidence that any personal information has been or will be misused as a direct result of this incident, but we apologize that it occurred. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information in the College’s possession and have taken additional precautions to safeguard it.


Leslie Wong

Les Wong, Ph.D.
Interim President

Katherine Bergeron