April 17, 2020

Dear Members of the Class of 1970, 

Following last week's news of the postponement of Reunion 2020, I wanted to send a note to say that I am thinking about you, hoping you are well, and feeling admiration for your 50 fruitful years as Connecticut College Alumnae.

Your milestone reunion just happens to fall during a period of unprecedented disruption — a period that for you must feel strangely familiar, as a global health crisis upends daily life in ways that recall your turbulent final years in college. Times of challenge forge true friendships. I suspect the current disruption is making you reflect anew on the lasting bonds you formed during a particularly challenging time in the history of our country. In that respect, the theme you chose for your Reunion, "The View from Here", could not be more apt. I hope you are feeling gratitude for the fifty years of perspective that allow you now to frame that view more clearly. 

Much has changed at Connecticut College in the intervening years, but there is at least one view that has remained the same: the unparalleled vista out to the sea, a vista that has always called us to look beyond ourselves. I have often thought of this view as both a signature of the College and a sign of our ethos. The landscape leaves its imprint, with the sweeping perspective reminding us of the limitless horizon of possibility of the liberal arts, and the generous green signaling the spirit of generosity and openness of the Connecticut College community.

You are part of that ethos, and the inspiring and generous lives you have lived since college continue to defy boundaries. That is why I was so excited to be able to welcome you home. The pandemic is forcing us to put that off for a while. But it will only make the occasion more memorable, in keeping with your unconventional history. From what I know of your great class, I am convinced it will be more worth the wait. My husband, Butch Rovan, and I are both musicians, and we have a tradition of singing at the 50th Reunion dinner. Because we cannot do that this year, we wanted to send you a new song that we wrote with a message appropriate to your Koiné gold reunion. I'm singing and playing piano; Butch is playing lead guitar and organ; and three wonderful Conn students — Jack '20 and Luke Pacilio '21 and Naveen Gooneratne '21 — are playing rhythm guitar, bass, and drums. The song is called "Silver and Gold," and its chorus speaks to the true meaning of reunion:

Make me silver make me gold

Make me strong enough to hold

In my blood and in my bones

The way home

Take me home.

Please click here to listen to ‘Silver and Gold.” We hope you enjoy it. It is sent with love along with our very best wishes for your health and safety. Looking forward to celebrating you in 2021.

With admiration,

Katherine Bergeron


Katherine Bergeron