Think.Do.Lead. A podcast about creativity, innovation and influence. Hosted by Katherine Bergeron, President of Connecticut College.

Think.Do.Lead. is a podcast about where creative ideas come from and where they lead. Host Katherine Bergeron, President of Connecticut College, holds conversations with inspiring minds from a variety of fields, from advocates who know how to put their ideas into action and innovators who are working to find inventive solutions to age old problems to educators who are shaping a new generation of thinkers, doers, and leaders.



Episode 8

Rachel Perry '84

Celebrated conceptual artist Rachel Perry '84 discusses her creative process, the importance of making art in challenging political times, and the groundbreaking projects she's done for the New York Times, Vogue Magazine and more.Photo credit: Elin Spring

Lisbeth Scott

Episode 7

Lisbeth Scott '80

Award-winning singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott '80 discusses her work in Hollywood with some of the most renowned directors and film composers in the world. The podcast includes stunning live performances by Scott, including the song "Take Me Home" from the HBO hit series "True Blood."

Professor of Chemistry, head of The Reisman Laboratory, CalTech

Episode 6

Sarah Reisman '01

Internationally renowned scientist Sarah Reisman '01, head of The Reisman Laboratory at CalTech, talks about her research building complicated chemical compounds isolated from nature that could lead to the treatment of numerous diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer’s.

David Grann

Episode 5

David Grann '89

Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author David Grann '89 talks about discovering his talent for writing, his newest book and his writing process, and gives advice to young aspiring writers.

Anita DeFrantz

Episode 4

Anita DeFrantz '74

Anita DeFrantz '74, recently featured on NCAA After the Game, discusses her time as a rower at Conn, being captain of the U.S. rowing team that won a bronze medal at the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal and the future of women in sports.

Michael Rhodin, Retried Senior Vice President of IBM Watson Group

Episode 3

Michael Rhodin P'18'19

Retired Senior Vice President of IBM Watson Group Michael Rhodin P'18'19 talks about making the switch from programming to leadership, and gives advice to students on the most interesting professions of the future.

A head and shoulders shot of Joshua Green

Episode 2

Joshua Green '94

Political journalist Joshua Green '94 talks about the surprising reaction to his new book, and explains how a liberal arts education—and a stint as a bartender—prepared him for a successful career in journalism.

David Dorfman, Professor of Dance, chair of the dance department

Episode 1

David Dorfman '81

In the inaugural Think.Do.Lead. podcast, Professor of Dance David Dorfman '81 talks about his unlikely path to dance and how he discovered and nurtured his passion at Connecticut College.