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Reunion ´07: bigger, better, brighter

Reunion ´07: bigger, better, brighter

The College hosted 1,200 alumni, guests and friends for a weekend of relaxing and socializing — as well as panel discussions on topics from feminism to turmoil in the Mideast, tours of renovated classrooms and class dinners. Alumni registrations were up 20 percent from last year.

Rachel Harrington

"It´s been great to see everybody," said Donald Crouch ´77, who was attending his first Reunion. He was also enjoying the programs and tours. Crouch and fellow alumnus Michael Tulin ´77 said that the campus had changed remarkably since they were students 30 years ago.

Sixty-six members of the Class of 1957, celebrating their 50th Reunion, led the traditional Alumni Parade. Following close behind was Myra O´Connell Ross ´32, marking her 75th Reunion. "As I was driving to the campus, I was overcome with memories," said Barbara Wasserstrom Alpert ´57.

The weather was mostly warm, with only a few showers Friday night.
Alumni attended a number of social activities during the weekend, including the popular lobster feast, a performance by The Capitol Steps, a wine tasting, and several receptions hosted by President Lee Higdon.

For many alumni, seeing old friends was the highlight of the weekend. Some members of the Class of 1956 said they wanted to return this year to see their former dorm- mates from the Class of 1957.

"The 50th reunion was so fabulous we had to come back," Gale Anthony Clifford ´56 said, "and now we have the added perk of getting to see the class behind us."

This weekend also marked a reunion year for Celebration VII, for all alumni of color. They toured Unity House and met with new leaders of the Connecticut College Alumni of Color. A special panel discussion, "Looking Back, Stepping Forward," provided an opportunity for past Unity House directors like Ernestine Brown and Grissel Benitez-Hodge ´86 to discuss the evolution of Unity House and multiculturalism on campus.

Additionally, Reunion 2007 served as an occasion to mark the achievements of past CC graduates. Alumni receiving awards this year were: Helen Fricke Mathieson ´52 (College Medal) Martha Bennett ´73 Professor Emeritus of Child Development Margaret Keenan Sheridan ´67 (College Medal), Helene Zimmer-Loew ´57 (College Medal), Judith Hartt Acker ´57 (Agnes Berkeley Leahy Award), Barbara Beach Alter ´42 (Harriet Buescher Lawrence Award), Joan Gilbert Segall ´57 (Alumni Tribute Award), Thomas Sargent ´82 (Goss Award), Ventrice Shillingford ´93 (Mach Arom ´89 Young Alumni Award) and James Moran ´92 (Mach Arom ´89 Young Alumni Award).

The College honored the nine alumni above for their exceptional service to society or the College. Left to right are:

> Margaret Keenan Sheridan ´67 was awarded the Connecticut College Medal for her helping to shape the Connecticut College Children´s Program into a model for early childhood teaching and learning. She retired from the College this year as the Martha Bennett ´73 Professor of Child Development.

> Joan Segall ´57 was honored with the Alumni Tribute Award. She has been a Class Agent and volunteer for 50 years.

> Judy Acker ´57 was honored with the Agnes Berkeley Leahy Award. She serves in many capacities, including Class President and a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.

> Helen Mathieson ´52 was awarded the Connecticut College Medal for her commitment to environmental conservation and education. The support she and her late husband, Drew, provided for the Goodwin-Niering Center for Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies was critical in developing the College´s acclaimed environmental program.

> Helene Zimmer-Loew ´57 was awarded the Connecticut College Medal for her longstanding commitment to broadening cross-cultural understanding and strengthening ties between students in the United States and Germany.
n Jim Moran ´92 received the Mach Arom ´89 Young Alumni Award, created in honor of Arom, who died unexpectedly while on a humanitarian relief mission in Rwanda. Moran has served the College as Class President, co-Class Agent Chair and a Reunion Committee member.

> Ventrice Shillingford ´93 received one of two Mach Arom ´89 Young Alumni Awards for helping to launch Connecticut College Alumni of Color this year.
n Barry Alter ´42, a missionary in India for 35 years, was awarded the Harriet Buescher Lawrence Prize, for service to society.

> Tom Sargent ´82 was honored with the Goss Award. He serves as a College trustee and Annual Fund Chair, volunteers as a Class Agent Chair and Class President.

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