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Where are we now?

Where are we now?
L-R: Chris Reilly ´07, Ellen Paul ´07 and Saraswati Jayanthi ´07

The College´s newest alumni already have stories to tell. Related links:

Half-Year Reunion Portraits - the Blog

by Chris Reilly ´07

I caught up with about 70 fellow members of the Class of 2007 at the first-ever Half-Year Reunion (okay, it was more like four months) during Fall Weekend. We chatted about all our adventures, from film production and graduate study to stand-up comedy and activism.

Everybody had a story to tell — and a pose to strike. Check out the highlights in class notes on page 66, along with entries from some alumni who couldn´t get back to campus.

You can join our conversation at, where seven members of the class (including me) are blogging their post-College lives. We´re writing about everything from dinner parties to working with people old enough to be (almost) our grandparents.

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