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Unraveling the brain´s secrets: Ruth Grahn, associate professor of psychology, makes the connection between neurons and knitting.

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Now You See Them, Now You Don´t (CC: Online Exclusive)

Now You See Them, Now You Don´t (CC: Online Exclusive)

Art students are mysteriously disappearing into the urban landscape

Pam Marks, associate professor of art explains: “These images are from the “Dimensional Color” course taught by Bridget Baird (professor of mathematics and computer science and Judith Ammerman ´60 Director of the Center for Arts and Technology) and myself. In one of the final projects, students had to use their understanding of the principles of color in order to camouflage a classmate into the architectural environment of downtown New London. They created quite a scene over the past few weeks working out their projects in public and interacting with the community.”

Special thanks to the student artists Kelly Christian ´10, Jessica Ebert ´08, Jesse Lerch ´10, Sara Lesko ´09, Jon McKee ´08, Edgar Monteon ´09, Nadezhda Radeva ´09 and Emma Tang ´08.

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