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Building for the Future
Illustration by Gary Alphonso

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CC: Online Exclusives

The following are exclusive online features from the Fall 2008 issue of CC: Connecticut College Magazine:

Building for the Future: campus construction updates

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Convocation 2008 Address by Alumna Liza Talusan ´97

Reader submitted poem:

“Let Evening Come”
— Jane Kenyon

For Helen Sullivan, Connecticut College, Class of 2008

May´s soft silken evening slips over the water
Of the harbour where we are at table, gathered
For a last supper to be ever hereafter
A memory in the twilight gently tethered
To this shore of tidy houses, the sharp details
Of sailing ships as silhouettes, the inlet sea
Borrowing glimmer from slight incandescent trails
Of streetlamps, illuminations for night journeys
Among salt-licked estuaries of cradled tides,
Stone hill farms where you have made becoming your own,
Like summer corn, tall and tasseled, you stand beside
Your peers. It is we who are unprepared, your gown
On your shoulders, studies done, as we see you for
Who you are: woman, teacher, lover, friend, the one
To whom we raise the glasses´ dark red wine before
We call to mind Jane´s silken words, “Let evening come.”

Philip E. Burnham, Jr.
May 2008

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