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Breaking out of the pack

Breaking out of the pack

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Anyone who has applied to college in recent years knows the syndrome: viewbook overload. The flood of admission marketing material flows from mailbox to desktops and often to the recycling bin in the homes of prospective students. How does a small, nationally known liberal arts college stand out?

This year, instead of producing its traditional 60-page viewbook, Connecticut College has issued a new hybrid: the viewbox. The 36 individual cards (72 images) and a small accordion brochure have been crafted to convey, in all their possible combinations, the extraordinary richness of a Connecticut College education. Boston-based communications firm Mark Edwards and Co. worked with Admission and College Relations to develop the flip-top box and card format, believed to be a first in higher education marketing. The first 11,000 boxes, all made with recycled materials, were mailed to students in the College´s prospect pool in August. The theme of the “Extraordinary” box will be carried out in future publications in the admission cycle as students find out if Connecticut College is truly in the cards for them.

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