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Tri-captain Thomas Giblin ´10 elevates for a header in a Fall Weekend win against Colby on the Artificial Turf at Silfen Field, while Nick Maghenzani ´13 closes in on the play. Head coach Kenny Murphy´s Camels finished 8-6-1 in the program´s best record in more than a decade.

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Alexis Meisels ´07

Q: How can I plan an amazing holiday party on a budget?

Alexis Meisels ´07, special events and marketing coordinator at the Municipal Art Society of New York, has the answer.

By Joanna Gillia ´07

1: Forget costly paper invitations. Set the tone with a charismatic e-mail, which is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. An e-mail is more personal than Facebook and you can be more creative, design-wise. If you have a particularly enthusiastic group of friends or coworkers, consider using the invite to introduce a theme party. Encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite holiday movie character from movies like Bad Santa, A Charlie Brown Christmas and Elf.

2: When gathering beverages and spirits, don´t be afraid to play “let´s make a deal.” Stop by your local liquor or grocery store and ask if they´d consider discounting your purchase if you buy in bulk, or offer to promote their store for free delivery. If you make it worth their while, they will make you a deal.

3: You don´t have to skimp on food or decorations when you´re on a budget! Making everything at home is cheaper than buying prepared food. I recommend for food and drink recipes. For kitschy décor, check out If you like to keep things simple, tea candles and holiday lights are classy, festive and inexpensive.

4: Don´t hesitate to delegate! Ask a guest to make a music playlist and let them be D.J. Ask a few people to use your camera to take shots throughout the party. This is particularly fun if it´s a costumed theme party. Ask another friend to play bartender. You deserve to have fun at your own party, and you can´t be everywhere at once!

5: If you´re paying for everything, don´t be shy about putting out a donation jar. After all, you did a lot of legwork to make sure everyone could get together and celebrate, so chances are your guests are more than willing to throw a couple of dollars your way. Asking in a humorous way always helps!

In just a little over two years, Alexis Meisels ´07 has established herself in the fast-paced New York City event-planning world. As the special events and marketing coordinator at the Municipal Art Society of New York, a nonprofit devoted to intelligent urban planning and preservation, she organizes awards ceremonies, exhibit openings and member events.

At Connecticut College, Meisels majored in English, minored in film and raced for the ski team. Armed with a liberal arts background, varied internship experiences at small fashion and film companies, and the ever-handy CELS job listings, she found her niche at MAS. She loves working in the nonprofit world: “I´ve always enjoyed working for the underdog — making big waves with limited resources. Also, working in small environments has allowed me to wear many hats, which is one thing I enjoy most about my job.”

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