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Alumni take the spotlight at Reunion for a photoshoot with Anne Reno Geddes ´93.

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Camera Ready
Anne Reno Geddes ´93 photographed hundreds of alumni at Reunion 2010.

Anne Reno Geddes ´93 captures hundreds of alumni on film at Reunion

By Phoebe Hall

When Miami gets too hot for the scorching lights of a photography studio, you could close up shop and take the summer off — or you could pack up your gear and go to Connecticut.

Anne Reno Geddes ´93 and her husband, Henry, who moved to Florida in 2004 to open a professional photography studio, found that their expensive equipment tended to sit on the shelves and gather dust during the blazing summer months. So last year Henry designed a portable photo studio to bring to parties, weddings and other events.

“It was just kind of a natural fit for the studios — something else to do, but still stay in photography,” Geddes says.

Though Geddes gives her husband credit as the photographer and businessman at Capture Inc., she does administrative tasks — and gets behind the camera too.

That´s where she was on June 5, during Reunion weekend, when she and her team set up their portable studio — including a seamless vinyl backdrop, an LCD screen and lots of lights — on Tempel Green to take pictures of several hundred alumni and others who stopped by the studio during the Saturday night festivities.

“It´s our most fun, glamorous set. People love it,” Geddes says. “(The equipment is) the same as we would use on absolute professionals in our studios.”

The LCD screen is another professional touch that, Geddes says, makes for better results. “A paid model gets immediate feedback on an LCD screen. You can immediately adjust yourself,” she explains. “Some of the best shots (at Reunion) are when they´re not posing but looking at themselves and laughing.”

Props like hats, feather boas and a plastic lightsaber, provided by Marilyn Burnett of the College´s events and catering office, had many alumni mugging for the camera. “And a bar always helps!” Geddes laughs. “It helps people loosen up.”

The weekend was record-breaking for the College — with more than 1,150 alumni and their friends and family members on campus — and for Capture Inc. too. The company´s website “got the most hits we´ve ever gotten on photographs,” Geddes says — more than 40,000 clicks. “I was blown away.”

And she would love to do it again. “I had never been back for a reunion,” Geddes says. But, she adds, “I prefer to do it working. You can see more people that way.”

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