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Joe Lucas's Tips for Decorating
Your House Like a Pro

Joe Lucas's Tips for Decorating <br/>Your House Like a Pro
Joe Lucas '95

(Even When You Can't Afford A Designer)

by Joe Lucas '95

1. It's not necessary to have the whole house done. Bring in someone to help you work with what you have or to give you ideas on paint colors.

2. Follow the major design magazines — House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home & Veranda — and note what you like, but also look for standards. Pay attention to how the houses are put together, the furniture layouts and the colors.

3. Layering is so important. A room needs layers just like an outfit.

4. “Nothing bugs me more than a living room with an 8-by-10-foot rug and a bunch of furniture clinging to it like a life raft,” says Lucas. Ground the room with a much larger rug. The furniture will have room to breathe, and the space will feel larger.

5. Avoid accent walls. Paint all the walls one color and go for something classic. Grays and blue-greens go with everything, Lucas says.

6.Stay away from yellows and creams. “There are so few perfect ones out there, and chances are you'll pick the wrong one.”

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