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by Eileen Jenkins

The Quest for the Golden Trout
By Douglas M. Thompson
2013, University Press of New England, $29.95
Longtime efforts by private individuals, fishing clubs and federal and state agencies to improve the experience of trout fishing on our nation's rivers are actually causing great harm, according to a new book, “The Quest for the Golden Trout: Environmental Loss and America's Iconic Fish,” by College professor Douglas M. Thompson.

In this his first book, Thompson, professor of geology and Harrison Director of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment, examines the damaging effects of stocking rivers with hatchery-raised trout, eliminating natural predators, and employing engineered devices designed to improve on nature. These practices not only hurt the ecosystem, he says, they also create a false environment that's antithetical to a pristine, pastoral pastime.

“Artificialness is not in keeping with the philosophy of trout fishing,” said Thompson, himself a former angler. “I want people to be aware of the history of 'trout fisheries management' and to remove the fallacy that they're connecting with nature.”

The One Year My Princess Devotions: Preschool Edition
By Karen Whiting '73
2013, Tyndale Kids, $14.99
Whiting employs a princess theme and daily devotions to teach preschool-age girls about God, prayer and how to be a “Princess in Action” by completing a character-building activity. A page for each day of the year includes short and simple devotions thematically related to the calendar.

A Bowlful of Ladoo
By Marya Ursin
2013, Fast Books, $12
Ursin is a visiting instructor of dance at the College as well as a longtime yoga teacher. In her book she tells the mythic stories behind a few yoga postures — or asanas — including one about the birth of Ganesh, the Hindu deity known as the remover of obstacles and god of beginnings. Her husband, ?Daniel Potter, provided color illustrations while she added line drawings to help make the movements accessible to readers.

Growing into Equity: Professional Learning and Personalization in High-Achieving Schools
By Sonia Caus Gleason '85 and Nancy Gerzon
2013, A joint publication by Corwin, Learning Forward and WestEd, $31.95
Gleason, a former trustee of the College, and her co-author present four case studies showcasing their research at schools in underserved communities. The studies highlight the successful use of individualized learning for students and professional development for teachers. They also provide educators and administrators with real-life examples and useful tools to create equity — and therefore achievement — in the classroom.

A Changing Marriage
By Susan Kietzman '82
2014, Kensington Books, $15
Kietzman's second novel explores what happens as a “perfect” couple navigate marriage and family. Resentment builds as the wife puts her career on hold while her husband's career continues to grow, leading them both to confront painful decisions and consequences.

In Africa We Share
By Lori Schippers '08
2013, Kensington Books, $11.76
While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Andara, Namibia, Schippers taught math to rural children living in poverty. But she learned as much — if not more — than she taught. Her students became her friends and changed the course of her life, leading her to found Empower Women in Africa, a nonprofit that provided educational and economic opportunities to women like those she taught. EWA has since become part of a similar organization, Days for Girls.

Pygmalion's Chisel: For Women Who Are 'Never Good Enough'
By Tracy M. Hallstead '83
2013, Cambridge Scholars, $67.99
Hallstead references a destructive relationship in her own past as she explores the reasons why women feel devalued in our patriarchal society. Rather than taking a reactionary approach toward a solution, she instead offers a “responsive feminism” that women can use to combat self-doubt and self-criticism.

The American Bar Association's Legal Guide to Fashion Design
Edited by David Faux '91
2013, ABA Publishing, $49.95
Faux's wide-ranging career — he was a music journalist, publicist and Fulbright Scholar in South Korea before becoming an attorney — has afforded him a unique insight into the legal needs of artists, including fashion designers. This volume covers trademarks, copyrights, patents, licensing and other topics vital to the industry.

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