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Pamela Marks

Pamela Marks
Pamela Marks

Associate Professor of Studio Art
Joined CC faculty: 1991

As a young artist, teaching was not a part of my grand plan. But the longer I teach, the more I enjoy contributing to an environment of creative ideas and endeavors. The students, the challenge and the creative process — from the initial idea to the end product — have drawn me in. Coming from three generations of educators, I have found teaching to be a natural fit.

As the dialogue between students, their work and myself develops, it becomes a collaboration with a unique energy. Teaching is never static. Fostering a rigorous working atmosphere for creative investigations and individualizing this process for each student is exciting and full of surprises. I have found it to be extremely rewarding as I watch each student evolve, learning to “see” in a new manner, to think critically and to find and develop an authentic voice.

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