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Lan-Lan Wang

Lan-Lan Wang
Lan-Lan Wang

Professor of Dance
Joined CC faculty: 1994

The question: “Why do I teach?” is closely intertwined with the questions: “Why do I dance?” and “What is dance?”

I teach and practice dance because it constantly makes me grow as a human being.

I also teach because of the desire to share my passion and curiosity for endless knowledge.

By chance and by choice, I found dance and dance found me! I have always been curious about the infinite possibilities of creativities and imaginations that dance brings, whether it is the beauty human bodies carve in space defined by time and energy, the nonverbal expressions of human movements or the mysteries of the human body that breathes life.

I have gone through different stages of artistic, theoretical and philosophical explorations, which have provided different reasons and meanings to why I teach. My love for dance has led me to provide an environment that helps young people to grow and to learn, to realize their artistic and creative potentials. It has also given me the excitement of discovering and developing young talents.

Lucky the dancers: we think, feel and move with our entire beings.

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