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The Fight for Human Rights

The Tundra by Tank

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Voices from the Classroom

Voices from the Classroom

Ten Individual faculty members accepted a homework assignment from CC:Magazine: tell us why you teach.

Why do I teach? At Connecticut College, there are probably as many answers to that question as there are individuals on the faculty. Those who responded to a recent query from CC:Magazine let us know that the reasons for teaching can be both personal and political. Some teach because they want to emulate a mentor who once changed their own lives. Others are motivated by an irresistible drive or calling and the feeling of conviction that they have found the right path to follow.

Sometimes it is the subject itself — the beauty of mathematics or the energy of dance — that drives the teacher. Many want not only to prepare their students to enter the world but to be able to change that world as well. And what is one reason on which they all agree? They teach to never, never stop learning.

The Fight for Human Rights
The Tundra by Tank
Voices from the Classroom
Michelle R. Dunlap
Donald M. Peppard
Lan-Lan Wang
Douglas M. Thompson
Christopher Hammond
Eugene V. Gallagher
Pamela Marks
David Canton
Tek-Wah King
Sandy Grande

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