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Elli Nagai-Rothe ´03

The world´s a stage for these seven alumni

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Water fight

by Beth Luce

Trish May ´75 uses water as a weapon in the battle against women´s cancers.

Good intentions gone bad

by Mary Howard

Professor of Education Michael James examines the myth of "no child left behind" in his new book, The Conspiracy of the Good.

Who was Mary Harkness?

by Barbara Nagy

The heiress who gave the College its chapel and a residence hall was a woman of few words, but she made her mark nevertheless.

Mission Iraq

by Tracy Teare ´87 and Amy Rogers Nazarov ´90

The lives of two young alumni are bound up with the reconstruction of Iraq: Tim Reuters ´99 at USAID and Sgt. Patrick Romero ´04 on the front lines.

Tackling the NFL´s budget

by Julie Novak

As senior financial officer of the NFL, Kimberly Williams ´90 holds the line on a $3.5 billion budget.

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