Connecticut College Magazine · Winter 2005


Carmen Perez Dickson ´78
Principal, Roosevelt School, Bridgeport, Conn.

Scott Lowell ´87
Actor, Showtime´s "Queer As Folk"

Melkon Khosrovian ´91
Philosophy major finds life´s flavor in a new company

Finding the Right Fit

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Finding the right fit

by David Treadwell

Thousands of travel miles, thousands of applications and thousands of decisions all add up to the fact that college admissions is more than a numbers game. It’s intensely personal.

The road from Kisinga

by Steven Slosberg

For Beatrice Biira ´08, the long road to college started 11 years ago with a simple gift - a goat.

This story first appeared in The Day newspaper on November 14, 2004.

New voices, new fiction

by Mary Howard

"I don´t know if fiction matters in the real nuts and bolts world, but it is important for me to lavish love on my pages." - William Lychack ´88

Just enough: A new measure of success

by Barbara Nagy

Whether or not you achieve success depends on how you balance four areas of your life, according to Laura Nash ’70, senior research fellow at Harvard University and author of a new book.

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